Coaching is a great investment in you and for you and your family.  You are going to learn new skills, habits, and behaviors which will not only affect your life today, but will also affect your family for generations to come.

As your coach, we work together, customize a plan, and I will help you to realize your life and money dreams. I want you to feel comfortable and confident about your life and your money.

My wife and I have personally walked this journey during more than 35 years of marriage and I can help you.  We spent ½ of our marriage doing things the wrong way before spending the second ½ doing them the right way.  I will help you to go further and faster because we have been there and I can show you the way.  Where do you find yourself today?  Where do you want to go?

First Focus

Identifying Your Dreams.   We are going to get to know each other well and outline your specific goals for you and your family.  What does “amazing” success look like for you?  Where have you been?  Where are you now?  Where are you going?  What have you tried previously?  What do you expect of yourself and what do you expect of me as your coach?  What are your top values?

Customizing Your Plan.   We are going to customize our Worried to Wealthy Playbook to you and your individual situation by completing a unique questionnaire.  These questions will help us to identify whether you may want to focus more on topics contained in Foundational Focus, Fixed Focus, Future Focus, or Forever Focus.  These responses guide us and allow us to customize your plan.

Foundational Focus

Saving a Starter Emergency Fund. Saving the starter emergency fund and getting started can sometimes be the hardest part of the playbook.  We are going to create an effective spending plan, give every dollar a purpose, and save an emergency fund.  As your coach, you can trust me to help you with a personalized strategy to do so.  And, doing so makes all the difference.  You will receive judgment-free personalized attention, compassion, love, and support from me as your coach.

Reducing Debt.   How will it feel when you are completely debt-free of all non-mortgage debt?  Leveraging skills and strategy, we are going to attack the debt with high intensity to get it out of your life once and for all.  As your coach, I show you the way with milestones and celebration to help to motivate you to keep going and realize success.  I walk with you during your journey and help you with the habits, skills, and behaviors to get it done.

Fixed Focus

Covering Your Family.   It is vitally important to have the proper insurance in place to cover your family.  Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, and more.  We are going to review needs together, help you to develop the right questions, and ensure that you have a list of licensed insurance professionals to choose from to help you.

Protecting Your Family.   It is equally important to have an effective will in place to protect your family.  If you have others who are dependent upon you for support, you must have life insurance and a will in place to care for them.  We will ensure that you not only have a list of the right licensed professionals to help you but also know what questions to ask and have confidence in your decisions.

Future Focus

Saving An Emergency Fund.   Now, we are having fun, saving money, and building security for yourself and your family.  You now have the skills necessary to realize success and you are going to save a full emergency fund.  As your coach, I am going to help you determine how much to save, why, and where you might decide to put it.  This is an essential part of your overall financial plan.

Investing for Retirement.    We are going to review a list of licensed professionals to help you to invest your hard-earned resources to create financial freedom.  As your coach, I am going to help you to outline questions to ask.  We are also going to outline together the amount that you may want to save to realize the retirement of your dreams and why.

Investing for College.   Take a moment and think about the joy and blessing of contributing to your child’s college education.  We are going to leverage the partnership with that excellent financial advisor whom you chose for investing to optimally invest funds for your child’s college education.  We are also going to talk about options, experiences, and I will share with you how my wife and I paid cash for our three children to graduate from college debt-free.

Forever Focus

Own Your Home.   And, for the Coup de Grâce, get debt out of your life once and for all.  You can pay off your home mortgage.  As your coach, I am going to show you how to achieve the ultimate in debt freedom by paying off your home too.

Generational Prosperity.  Why do we want to rid ourselves of debt, build savings, protect our family, save for a comfortable retirement, help our children with college, and completely payoff our home?  To live and give generously of our time and money. You have an opportunity to live well in retirement while also leaving an inheritance for your family.  As your coach, I am going to offer ideas and help you to build relationships within your household and within your community.

We start with a no-obligation introductory session.  We meet each other, review possibilities, and you decide if coaching is the right path for you.  Schedule time for us at