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Why do you have citrus and especially a lemon for your company logo?

While lemons can be symbolic of bitterness if you have been dealt a bad hand, they are also biblically symbolic of hope, happiness, and prosperity.  With a Fresh New Focus on your Life and your Money, you can achieve hope, happiness, and prosperity too.  The yellow color is symbolic of optimism.  Lemons are also a natural stress reliever which can purify, heal, and bring love.  With a Fresh New Focus, we can bring so much more than effective money management.  We can help you to change your life.

Why do you offer Financial & Career Coaching?

I offer coaching with the heart of ministry. I care deeply for you and your success. I have been managing money and marriage for over 30 years and I have great knowledge and experience to share with you. I did not learn good money management at home. My parents divorced when I was a teenager in large part due to money fights and money problems. My wife and I married early and brought these poor money habits and behaviors into our marriage. We created quite a mess. A good coach helped us to change our life and our money. These are skills that you learn for a lifetime. I love to teach these skills and will help you to experience peace, joy, hope, happiness, and prosperity too.

When and where will we meet for our Coaching sessions?

Most clients enjoy meeting on-line from the safety and convenience of their home. I do also offer in-person coaching in and around Medina, Ohio. I will travel to you up to a 30-mile radius with an additional fee included for the time and travel. We meet for coaching between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm weeknights and Sunday evenings.

If I'm drowning in debt, how can I pay you?

The skills that you are going to learn through coaching are an investment and will last a lifetime.  In fact, if you have children these skills can be multi-generational.  We are going to create an effective budget and will effectively incorporate the cost of your coaching.  Many share that they feel like they actually received a raise when we begin the process and actually put numbers on paper and on purpose.  Let’s talk and let me help you to find a way to experience this professional coaching. 

Is a financial coach and a financial planner the same?

As your Financial Coach, I am going to help you with the skills, habits, behaviors, and decisions affecting your life and your money.  We are going to glance at the past while we focus on the future.  You are going to learn to effectively manage your life and identify money to save and invest.  A Financial Planner is a great resource and invests money which already exists.  We are going to work together, maximize your income, and eventually tap into the expertise of a Financial Planner.  Your financial journey to success starts with a Financial Coach and ends with a Financial Planner.

Do you offer discounts for veterans or first responders?

Yes. Not only do we offer professional coaching at a discount for our military and first responders, but we also offer such discounts for ministry staff and single parents. We call this our Recognition Program and I want to sincerely thank you for your service to our country and our community.

What qualifies you as a "Financial Coach"?

I have been managing money and marriage for over 30 years. I have been a Corporate Executive and Leadership Coach since 2003. I have been teaching Finance Classes since 2012. I launched my individual and small business coaching business in 2017. I completed the Financial Coach Master Training Program and am proud to have served hundreds of clients.

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