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Some people need serious financial help.  Others, not so much.  Joe Mains can help with both.  As a long time student of finances, I can attest that FNF is the real deal.  Joe is worth the effort.  He has the resources, and will listen and suggest the right path to get out of debt and make better financial decisions.  If you need serious help, or even just a little push…….Go Here.
Jason B.

I am so grateful and blessed to find Joe as my financial coach.  He has provided me with the path to success.  I am a recent college graduate and am so proud that I will be debt free after 6 months working with Joe.  He has done a great job teaching ways of handling money and finances.  It is a road map just like one that I used to earn my college degree.  Thank you!
Marrisa J.

Creating a spending and life plan with Joe has been one of the smartest life choices we have made.  We have learned to be smart with money and while it takes work, it is so worth it.  We are confident that anyone regardless of their income and life situation will benefit from the financial coaching services that Joe offers.
Hamid & Malihe S.

As I began my transition from retiring military member to corporate professional I was completely out of my element. Using his personal experience from his own military transition, Joe helped polish my resume, translate military jargon to corporate lingo, and provided excellent mock interviews which directly helped in landing the job I have now! Joe is extremely genuine and you can see the joy he gains through helping others.

Kevin M.

Joe took us to the next level with our finances! We have never felt so much freedom while also being totally in control of our money. Our future will be better because we have a specific plan and the tools to get there. He is highly responsive to questions and always treats us with respect. He has given us so many great recommendations and it is obvious that he wants us to succeed. In fact, my spouse landed the best paying job of his career with the help of Joe’s career coaching and interviewing preparation! Our family is way less stressed and joy abounds. We highly recommend Joe’s financial and career coaching.
Charlie and LeAnn P.

Joe has been an incredible source of knowledge as we’ve worked together to improve our finances. Doing well with money is not something that just “happens” and with Joe, we’ve been able to change our thinking, make our money go further, and reduce much of our stress in life. We’re excited to continue to work with Joe and highly recommend his coaching.
Zach and Sara K.

“My husband and I are so pleased to have found Joe. He carefully reviewed our financial goals and has helped us put together a realistic plan to not only ‘pay off bills’ but to build future wealth! We definitely recommend his services.”
Kishia and Lavado

Joe came into our life at the right time! He helped guide us to use our income wisely and we have now built up a savings, paid off debt, opened a life insurance policy and started saving for retirement! Thanks so much Joe for telling it to us straight but also encouraging us to keep going.
Emily and Jeff M.

At our young age and early into our marriage, Eric and I are SO blessed to have peace of mind and understanding when it comes to our finances and saving for the future. We DEFINITELY did NOT get here alone though- through coaching and mentoring by Joe Mains we have managed to pay off our credit cards, our cell phones, and my car. We’re on our way to paying off my student loans too! Through his guidance we have learned the “grown up” version of “wants vs needs” and how to make (and stick to) a plan. This has been a life changer. Thank you!
Eric and Beth K.

Working with Joe has been very helpful. He has helped us to identify financial issues we have been struggling with for years. His ideas are giving us the ability to start to work our way back to being in control of finances. It is not easy. It takes work. But, if you are tired of doing the same thing and finding yourself frustrated again and again, it is so worth the time and price. This coaching is valuable and it can really help an individual or a family. Thank you Joe!
Brandon and Heidi S.

We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our meetings with Joe! We went into our time with him unsure of what action steps would be recommended or how personalized his advice would be – but we left excited about what we could start working on even on the first night! His advice was highly personalized, and it’s obvious that he cares deeply about helping people pursue their best futures. We both would highly recommend meeting with him and allowing him to help you.
Drew and Carissa S.

Joe Mains

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