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We have been there…

Tammi and I met in high school several decades ago. We married young and struggled with our marriage, young family, and our finances because we did not learn good money management skills at home or in school. We made a lot of bad decisions before we started making the right ones. We were both working full-time but had no savings or investments and incurred a lot of debt.   Of course, this led to more than our share of money fights and money problems. We did not know what we were doing or what to do about it.

Let’s back up a bit further.  My parents divorced when I was a teenager in part due to money fights and issues.  So, while I did not have money for college, I was fully committed to trying to make it happen.


I enlisted in the U.S. Army to attend college on the GI Bill.  I worked hard and after 10 years earned a Bachelor’s degree and a commission as an Army Officer. I kept going earning a Master’s degree from Oklahoma City University and later a Paralegal Certificate from the Southeastern Paralegal Institute in Nashville.  Tammi and I were making better money, yet we were still falling short when it came to managing our finances.  Frustrated and somewhat defeated, we crossed paths with an amazing “life” coach who gave us the needed tools and understanding to take control of not only our finances, but also of our lives!  This experience changed the trajectory of our lives and the lives of our children forever.

I decided to become a student of finance. I wanted to read, learn, and understand as much about personal finance, behaviors, habits, relationships, and decision-making as I could. I was highly determined to make a change and succeed with money. I wanted to change the trajectory of our lives and the lives of our children. I studied many books and articles, watched programs on personal finance, and completed the Financial Coach Master Training Program.

Fast forward to today, I am an Insurance Executive in the Financial Services Industry. I have been leading, coaching, and developing people on topics of personal finance for 25 years. I have served hundreds of coaching clients, reviewed thousands of resumes, completed hundreds of interviews, and have taught dozens of courses on personal finance. Our marriage, family, and finances have never been stronger.  While we are far from being rich, we consider ourselves to be wealthy.  We feel wealthy in spirit, relationships, career, and finances.  We have learned the importance of pulling together, collaborating, respecting each other, and loving each other.  By doing so, we have the opportunity to grow our careers and our finances.  

Our Fresh New Focus Coaching Programs  were developed using the many years of acquired skills, knowledge, personal, and professional experiences, and have been assembled into an easy to digest, proven strategy that will help you go from feeling worried to feeling wealthy too.  

Let us share decades of knowledge and experience to help you to solve problems.

Joe Mains

Financial Coach

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