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Welcome! I am Joe Mains and I offer coaching with a heart of ministry.  Good money management is an acquired skill.  Many of us struggle managing our money for a variety of reasons.  Before we know it, it’s wreaking havoc on our relationships, aspirations, and our mental health.  We offer skills to create hope, happiness, peace, and prosperity.  You get a fresh new focus for your life and your money.

We show you how to make good decisions, build greater confidence, feel better, and strengthen your relationships.

You would be surprised to learn how many of us make a good living yet have no savings, struggle to pay bills, deal with mounting debt, and are throwing our money away on interest payments.  We know because we have been there.  When my wife and I married, neither of us knew how to manage money. We both worked and had steady incomes, but we lacked foundational money skills.   We took out loans, maxed out credit cards, and stressed about our finances.  Over time, stress gave way to frustration and arguments which took a toll on our relationship.  We were in a difficult place financially and emotionally…. until we mustered the courage to ask questions and seek help.

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    thumb Peter Lough
    December 17, 2020

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    May 4, 2021

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    May 10, 2021

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    February 3, 2021

a special message from joe to you

Change Your Life & Your Money

Fresh New Focus

Our coaching program is customized to help you to solve problems.  This is a 5-month program designed to meet you wherever you are today and take you to where you want to be. We can meet two times or one time per month as you wish. This is a valuable investment in yourself and your family to change your today and your tomorrow.


Elevate is our development program designed to meet your individual career goals. Let’s get your finances in order by building an effective resume, improving your interview skills, and developing your leadership competencies.


Recognition is our 3-month Coaching Program provided at a special ministry rate.  We particularly want to help our military, emergency responders, and single parents. We want to recognize you and your service to others with this professional coaching offer.


Relentless is our ongoing accountability program which begins at the completion of our suite of coaching programs. It is designed to help you to achieve current and future goals. We meet quarterly for ongoing inspiration and motivation.

Gather & Grow

Gather & Grow is our group coaching program on Personal Finance. This is a hands-on program to help you build an effective budget while addressing topics such as insurance, home ownership, investing, good money management habits, and more.

get a

fresh new focus

on your finances

clients paid off

$1.15 Million

in debts

What is Coaching?

As your Coach, I help you to solve problems and to realize your life and money success. I am here only for you. You can trust me to provide candid, confidential, and personalized attention designed to help you achieve results.

What is the Value of Coaching?

Coaching is valuable because it is personal to your needs and can change the trajectory of your life, your relationships, and your money. Clients paid $1.15M in debt and they feel great.  They are investing for their future making it truly life changing.

What are Your Goals?

• Be Confident and Feel Peaceful
• Strong Money Management
• Strengthen Relationships
• Plan for your Future
• Purchase Your Dream Home
• Live Comfortably in Retirement
• Build a Small Business
• Increase Charitable Giving
• Resume & Interviewing Skills
• Save Money and Invest
• Plan Spending, Reduce Debt

Can you relate?

which story resonates with you


Bob’s married, 2 kids.  One heading off to college next year.  He and his wife have good jobs and earn $5000/mo.  With a  hefty mortgage payment, 3 car payments and $30,000 in credit card debt, they are stressed.  They have little to no savings and constantly feel like they are one catastrophe from financial ruin.

Mike & Christina

Married for a few years with a toddler and thinking about having another. Neither learned good money management and over the last several years have started blaming each other for their inability to save enough money for a home. Things have grown tense. They are worried and find themselves arguing a lot.


After 28 years, Danielle is now divorced.  In the blink of an eye, she is a single 55 year old women who hasn’t worked in 15 years.  She received a fair settlement from the divorce including the house, but her ex-husband always handled the family finances and she feels like she doesn’t have a clue what to do next or where to start.


After 18 years with the same company his position was eliminated. He knows he has to reinvent himself but doesn’t know where to start. He’s answered a few digital application ads, but hasn’t updated his resume in years. He’s down on himself and lacks confidence to sell himself in an interview.

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Joe Mains

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